Hydro Excavation Services

hydro-excavation-servicesHydro excavation plays an important role in many industries where land excavation services are required. Services are typically contracted to major organizations like city councils and minor players like individual home owners. A wide range of business owners in New England and across the country utilize hydro excavation techniques to enhance the efficiency of their operations by digging more safely.

What are hydro excavation services?

Hydro excavation is a modern technique that uses a combination of water and air to cut and shift land plus debris. The technique uses a high pressure water nozzle system to cut into the land, which is then removed instantly from the work area using a vacuum suction device and a large storage tank.

No matter what size the job, the basic principles of hydro excavation services remain the same, i.e. a high pressure water jet is used to cut lines, loosening the soil and breaking it up. A large vacuum suction unit follows the cutter and sucks unwanted debris from the hole or trench, moving it into a large storage tank attached to the truck. Since the pressurized cutting unit is hand held, precise areas of investigation can be cut accurately and prepared for new infrastructure development or maintenance of existing installations. By adjusting the pressure of the water flow, skilled operators can cut into any terrain and expose underground installations without damaging them in any way.

The use of water as a cutting agent ensures the hydro excavation digging system is non-destructive and environmental friendly. Hydro excavation services can be deployed in any location since the digging apparatus and the storage tank is attached to a vehicle. Heating units incorporated into some rigs allow for cold whether digging.

Hydro excavation services have many advantages over conventional digging methods. Firstly the need for heavy, cumbersome digging equipment like backhoes, or time consuming manual laborers is eliminated. Hydro excavation equipment is non-destructive so utility cutting or destruction is not an issue when using the hydro excavation technology.

Hydro excavation is the new way to solve old problems. We service all of New England including: Cape Cod, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.