Potholing Vacuum Excavation

vacuum-potholingPotholing is a form of hydro excavation that is used to locate known subsurface utilities in New England. Potholing involves digging a test hole to expose underground utilities so contractors can verify the depth, size or type of underground utility. Once the utilities have been located contractors can then examine the installations for fractures, leakages or any type of deterioration.

Until recently, potholing services had been done manually by digging with shovels or by using a back digger. A back digger is a large machine which has an excavating bucket attached to it. Because the digging bucket is heavy and large, it creates a danger of harming the below ground installations causing expensive damage it also moves much more soil than is required. Manually digging is a labor intensive way of potholing. It takes a lot of valuable time to get the job carried out and it is not accurate enough to move the required quantity of soil without making a mess, which means that backfilling will be needed once the potholing has been completed. Additional time and cash will have to be spent as a result.

With the advancement of hydro excavation technology, however, you can do away with almost all of the drawbacks of standard potholing excavation methods. Hydro excavation potholing is a procedure that uses highly accurate, high pressure water plus an air vacuum. The water breaks up the soil is then transferred to a holding tank via the vacuum pumping system. Potholing services using this system are a clean, accurate way to pinpoint small areas of concern and investigate them.

Potholing is an exploratory maintenance work which ideally is done quickly, efficiently and with no damage incurred on existing installations. Hydro excavating potholing is the best way to examine any underground pipe network to find, or identify potential problems, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of past methods such as broken lines or other structural damage. Hydro excavating is a perfect fit for people looking for modern excavation techniques. For a small potholing job or a large one hydro excavating is the perfect solution.

Hydro excavation is the new way to solve old problems. We service all of New England including: Cape Cod, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.