About Us


Our Mission

Safetydig’s mission is to provide dependable hydro excavation services at a competitive price. We can do this day in and day out by combining experienced personnel and cutting edge hydro excavation technology. Our dispatchers and crews are available 24/7 because at Safetydig we understand the great importance of the installation or restoration of gas, electrical, sanitary, and communication lines throughout our communities.

Our Guarantee 

We are the #1 hydro excavation company in New England and we can guarantee that no matter what the scope of your project is, Safetydig has the expertise and the equipment the to get the job done right the first time. Our personnel have decades worth of experience in all aspects of the hydro industry and since we know we can deliver on our promises we will take on the toughest, meanest, and dirtiest jobs in the world! Call us anytime and watch us deliver.

Our Capabilities

We hydrovac all sorts of underground utilities. We tunnel under roads and concrete slabs. We dig holes for utility poles and traffic signals. We perform exploratory hydro excavation trenching. We probe to locate utilities without ever digging!

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