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Hydro Excavation

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Safetydig provides dependable hydro excavation and vacuum excavation services across New England (CT, MA, NH, ME, RI, VT) at a competitive prices. We do this day in and day out by combining experienced personnel with cutting edge hydrovac technology. Our dispatchers and crews are available 24/7 because at Safetydig we understand the importance of the installation or restoration of gas, electrical, sanitary, and communication lines throughout our communities.

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See what hydro excavation is all about through our posts on instagram. We regularly add pictures and videos of our hydrovac trucks, equipment, techniques, and adventures. From routine maintenence work to emergencies there is alittle bit of everything.

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Check out our Youtube channel to learn more in depth about hydro excavation and our company. We have a verity of videos that show how safe non-destructive hydrovac excavation is done.

What our clients say!

" Safetydig located utilities quickly and safely before any excavation was done. Great bunch of guys, use them for any digging projects great or small where you need to be safe and clean and you won't be disappointed. "
- Jeff Robinson

Areas We Serve

  • Cape Cod
  • Connecticut CT
  • Maine ME
  • Massachusetts MA
  • New Hampshire NH
  • Rhode Island RI
  • Vermont VT