Utility Digging Services

utility-diggingUtility digging using hydro evacuation techniques have become increasingly more frequent over recent years. With land becoming a scarce commodity in larger cities across New England, more people are deciding to build their homes on hillside sections a little further out of town. Steep sections are difficult to build on and creating a stable foundation is often a challenge involving setting utility poles into place.

This can be an expensive and time consuming if the holes need to be dug manually or by using a mechanical aid such as a backhoe. Costs escalate as the weather interferes, labor costs, digger costs, back filling costs, along with the cost to remove the debris.

A far more practical and cost effective way to address the utility hole digging issue in New England is to consider using hydro excavation technology. Hydro evacuation is a method of moving land, for a specific purpose using water as the cutting agent. The soil is then removed instantly from the work area by means of a vacuum pump and stored in a large holding container, on site; until it is required again. This process keeps the building site tidy and free from unwanted debris.

The beauty of this system can be identified in the accuracy with which the water jets can cut precision holes or trenches and leave the work area clutter free. In past days shovels, spades, fence post diggers or backhoes were all used as a means of getting holes dug. Poles are an important commodity in the construction industry and are used for a wide variety of purposes, however 99% of all poles are used to support something and that requires digging a hole; “Utility hole digging”.

For small jobs, a post hole digger is probably the best option, however, when multiple holes are required, this method becomes a monotonous, labor intensive, and costly exercise. Today with hydro excavation technology available, time and money can be saved by getting digging jobs done quickly in a more sophisticated way.

Utility digging, whether it is for fencing, foundations, landscaping or large commercial projects, is best tackled today by employing modern digging methods such as hydro excavation. The most cost effective, environmentally friendly, safest, and accurate way to get your utility hole digging jobs completed today is to employ the hydro excavation method. Let a jet of high pressure water break the soil and have it removed instantly by the vacuum removal apparatus. 

Hydro excavation is the new way to solve old problems. We service all of New England including: Cape Cod, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.